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Summer Orange

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The Sun caressing your face.

Buying one Summer or Summer + ring will give you a 50% off to buy another Summer or Summer + ring.

High quality epoxy resin body full of the most colorful and brightest glow. They charge just by taking a walk under the Sun. This are handmade pieces made in Europe for the rest of the World.
Summer rings are 4mm width.
Summer & Summer + colletcion has been created to be collectible rings. Let your imagination create the best match.
This ring is made to be the perfect marriage between Summer & Summer + rings and with another silver rings looks amazing too.
And don't forget, you are unique and you deserve unique jewelry pieces. Let your inner shinne pierce through your body and mind. Show your power and your inner force.
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Follow this instructions for a perfect size! And don´t worry if your ring doesn't fit perfectly, we'll be happy to exchange it for the right size.

Custom made

This are custom made rings made in Europe. This are hand made rings. We make our rings to order for you. We are proud of our craftsmanship. 

The ring width is orientative and relative to the size.


You can expect your ring to be shipped within a week from your order. 

Let it shine

Wear your Boria Ring with pride. This little circle wrapped around your finger is a symbol of your inner force. Let it shine.