Club Boria


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Light & Shadow Ring

Half light, half shadow but with a full white glow core. We are proud to present you the Eclipse ring. Three layers of elegant beauty. The exterior has two parts. First layer is pure sterling silver and the other is made from black perloid resin. Holidng all of this is a core made from exclusive white glow resin.

Club Boria Eclipse ring is approximately 12 mm witdth. As always, it depedens of the size chosen.

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Follow this instructions for a perfect size! And don´t worry if your ring doesn't fit perfectly, we'll be happy to exchange it for the right size.

Custom made

This are custom made rings. This are hand made rings. We make our rings to order for you. We are proud of our craftsmanship. 

The ring width is orientative and relative to the size.


You can expect your ring to be shipped within a week from your order. 

Let it shine

Wear your Boria Ring with pride. This little circle wrapped around your finger is a symbol of your inner force. Let it shine.