About us

Captain Oxhbox (Club Boria founder)

What is Club Boria?

Club Boria has been born with the mission of building symbols. Symbols that you can wear or give away to the people you love.

Club Boria grants its membership to the people who are unique, who are not afraid to be different. To the beings that take care for the people around them and that impart their knowledge to the world.

We call our members The Tracers. The Tracer are the people who make. Who make things, who make things happen. We have built Club Boria to aglutinate the people who are pushing the rest of us to reach the future.

 We want you to be a Tracer, to be a Pioneer. Enter the Club.


Yes, you can earn your club membership by buying some of the Boria rings. Membership gives you the satisfaction of being part of Boria, being part of a group of people who trace the line to the future.
In the future different rings will give you different keys. These keys will open the doors of the Club Boria that will hide a change in your status within the club. The higher the rank, the better the presents we´ll have for you.


Yeah yeah this is very cool but what do you sell?

We have started building rings made of the best glow you can imagine but we have plans for many more things... Strange artifacts that we are researching and, of course, more collections of rings... Stay alert...