New Collection: Summer & Summer +

New Collection: Summer & Summer +

Ciao dear Tracers!

Summer has arrived and here, in Europe, a heat wave is causing us to put on fewer and fewer clothes in Club Boria ...
It's the perfect time to present Summer & Summer +, our new collection of rings. Vibrant colors like Sun's rays embraced by sterling silver threads. A perfect marriage.


They are collectable modular rings created so that you can let yourself be carried away by your imagination and create the most incredible color combinations. And they also work very well combining them with other Silver rings that you can already have.


As always, we only use the best possible materials. Crystal clear high quality epoxy resin with the most intense luminescent powders. And for the first time in the collections of Club Boria we present that precious metal so beautiful and appreciated by all: Sterling Silver. It has been a success because the combination of Silver and Summer colors looks excellent. It brings a touch of class without losing the casual air that every Summer collection should have.


As you already know our rings are made by hand here in Spain, Europe. Without intermediaries of any kind. Designed and created by us. From my hands to yours. Direct.


Summer & Summer + is a temporary collection that will be on sale until the end of September. Take advantage of these few months to make your private collection.

Buying one Summer or Summer + ring will give you a 50% off to buy another Summer or Summer + ring.


Be unique. Share the knowledge. #tracetheway


Captain Oxhbox
Club Boria