Shop inauguration

Hi everybody!

Today is a special day for me. The inauguration day has arrived and i´m full of excitement and ilusion. A lot of work has been put into this beautiful little rings. I hope you like them. I have many ideas in development, new collections and strange artifacts that i can´t wait to show you...

But the most important thing is the philosophy behind Club Boria. Club Boria has born with the purpose of bringing together people who have light inside. People who are piooners, who aren´t afraid to walk alone to achieve their dreams. People who take care of the beings that surround them and share the knowledge. The Tracers, the ones that lead. The ones who bring the future to everyone.

We want to build symbols for The Tracers. Be proud of your Boria, it´s a symbol of your inner light.

Captain Oxhbox.
Club Boria.